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A Social Work Lecturer, Practitioner & Consultant.

Irene is a dedicated Lecturer whose passion for empowering students extends beyond the confines of the classroom & workplace. With over a decade of experience in social work practice and student support, Irene brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world insight to her teaching.

The vast majority of Irene's experience lies in children and families, with practice knowledge of Child Protection, Court Work, Social Work Management, Practice Education, teaching and social work training consultancy. Irene's passion towards building a safe learning environment for students & ASYEs enables her to build rapport, trust and thus engagement with their learning.


While integrating theoretical knowledge and practical applications, she also encourages students to bridge the gap between academia and the real world. Beyond the confines of the university, Irene supports students via her online platform, The Social Work Planner. This platform provides an extra layer of support and resources for students and social workers at various levels of their social work journey.

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